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Hogan Law Firm Criminal Lawyers Mississauga

Hogan Law Firm is a criminal defence law firm in Mississauga, ON

We represent clients in the Greater Toronto Area and throughout Ontario. The law firm provides complex legal advice and defends clients against serious criminal and quasi-criminal charges, including charges of assault, theft, fraud, drug-related offences, impaired driving (DUI) and other serious charges under the Criminal Code of Canada and the Controlled Drug and Substances Act.

We take great pride in obtaining exceptional results for our clients.

We do this by taking a proactive approach from the earliest stages of the criminal process, and by scrutinizing every case closely to consider all options and obtain the best outcome available for the client. Our preferred approach is to get involved at the earliest opportunity so that we can plan ahead, prepare diligently and manage the file through to trial. Experience has taught us that each file has its own unique set of issues and circumstances, and it is important for defence lawyers to think strategically and prepare incessantly to achieve the desired outcome. We draw on a variety of available resources in order to ensure positive results, and we use our combination of knowledge, experience, client service, professionalism, zealous advocacy and dedication to achieve the best possible outcome. We have found that offence is often the best defence and, whenever possible, we choose to act first.

Our relationship with our clients goes well beyond defending the case.

The legal process can be long and burdensome, and there are often many obstacles that arise following being arrested and charged. At Hogan Law Firm, we don’t just defend you. When you choose our criminal defence law firm in Mississauga, we will help you understand the justice system and guide you every step of the way. In addition, we assist our clients and their families with any questions they have about their rights and the effect that the charges and/or a conviction could have on their employment, relationships, ability to travel and other aspects of their lives.

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