Next to the trial itself, the bail hearing is the most important part of a criminal proceeding. Although it is possible to appeal a bail hearing decision, a person generally has only one good chance at bail. Being denied bail an initial hearing significantly affects that way a reviewing court is going to consider an application for appeal. Even if an accused is able to have his or her bail decision successfully overturned on appeal, most bail appeal decisions can take several weeks to schedule, during which time the accused languishes in custody.
Everyone has a constitutional right to a prompt bail hearing. An experienced lawyer will ensure that this right is not ignored. In addition, an experienced lawyer can increase your chances of release from custody at a bail hearing.
When working towards your release from custody, we will handle every step of the process, including (a) working with the Crown or Federal Prosecutor towards obtaining reasonable conditions for your release (thereby forgoing the need for a contested, and sometimes risky, bail hearing),
(b) arranging potential sureties and ensuring that they are adequately prepared to offer themselves as a surety to the court, (c) providing persuasive evidence, relevant case law and higher authorities for the Justice of the Peace to consider when deciding whether to release you, (d) preparing you for what to expect in custody and at the bail hearing, and (e) generally ensuring that every step is taken to increase your chance of release.
We are well aware that the initial arrest and detention can be a traumatic experience for an accused and his or her family and close friends. Having an experienced lawyer guide you through the process and fight for your release can significantly relieve some of your anxiety and distress.
If you have been arrested and are in custody, don’t waste any more time. Call us today. We will fight for your release!

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