Jian Ghomeshi found not guilty – criminal lawyer Mark Hogan explains why

jian ghomeshi found not guilty - criminal lawyer mark hogan explains why
Verdict: Jian Ghomeshi Found Not Guilty The long awaited decision in the Jian Ghomeshi trial was handed down on Thursday March 24, 2016. As expected by many in the legal community: Jian Ghomeshi Found Not Guilty. Mr. Ghomeshi had been charged with three counts of sexual assault and one count of overcoming resistance by choking. Since the charges were laid ... Read More

What is to be done about Drunk Driving in Canada?

Are the Penalties for Drunk Driving in Canada Enough? Recent events in the news have reminded us of the grave consequences of drunk driving and reignited the debate over how to deal with this systemic problem in our society. Last week, eighteen criminal charges, including four counts of Impaired Driving Causing Death, were laid against Marco Muzzo, a young man who ... Read More

Has Your Son or Daughter Been Charged with a Drug Offence in Ontario?

mark-hogan-mississauga-law-firm-toronto-criminal-lawyer-has-your-son-or-daughter-been-charged with-a-drug-offence-in-Ontario
What do you do if your son or daughter is charged with drug possession or drug trafficking in Ontario? Have you received that dreaded phone call from the police informing you that your child has been caught possessing drugs or trafficking drugs in Ontario? If you have, like most parents, you probably have a host of questions, such as: “Did the ... Read More

The Dismissal of Charges Against Rob Ford’s Driver – 3 Lessons For Anyone Charged With Drug Offences in Ontario


On Friday May 8th, 2015, the Ontario Court of Justice dismissed all drug charges against Sandro Lisi, the friend and former driver of Rob Ford, the former Mayor of Toronto Mayor. Lisi, and his colleague Jamshid Bahrami, were charged with trafficking marijuana and other related drug charges. Marijuana is one of many substances that are prohibited under the Controlled Drugs … Read More

7 reasons to retain a criminal defence lawyer in Ontario

When approached by potential clients who have been been charged with a criminal offence in Ontario such as assault, theft, fraud or impaired driving, I am often asked what value I can add to their situation.“Why can’t I just plead guilty and get it over with?” they often ask. Some, in an effort to save money, choose to “read up” … Read More